Trust meets with the experience

Nesdom Limited established in 2020 under Livid Networks Limited to make the web hosting market more affordable by providing high quality hosting infrastructure with the lowest price tag and providing the cheapest domain registrations.

Our Mission

We are here to make the market more affordable. We believe that all of the good ideas need a powerful infrastructure and cheap opportunities to go beyond their borders. Because of this, we set our price tags with the lowest profits.

Nesdom Limited established in late 2020, but our team is on the market since 2017 with different companies, services, and products. That is why we are confident about knowing what you need. With our experience and powerful infrastructure, you won't need any other service to enter the completely different "world" of websites.

Our Brands

We are a member of the group of companies managed by Livid Networks Limited. All of our services and products maintain under one main roof.

Livid Networks' purpose is to maintain its companies' sustainability and expand its vision with new brands, partnerships, and customers. Check out the official website for more information about all the brands and partnerships that we have.

Do you want additional information? Call and meet with our team at +44 7868 907919